Super Sputch (super_sputch_88) wrote in dispatch,
Super Sputch

Holy Crap!

Wow! That was the most INSANE ticket sale EVER! I was here all morning and literally the second it turned 12:00, I tried to buy tickets. 1 min after 12 I couldn't get 4 seats together. I tried for 3, nothing. I started freaking out when it got to 5 min after and I couldn't find anything for 2 seats. 2 SEATS!!! That's IT!!! But by SHEER luck, I finally made it through and managed to get 2 tix. They're way in the back but at least they're not behind the stage. I feel wicked bad b/c we were all planning to go in a group but MAN at this point it looks like single tickets only. If you're going I def recommend buying them NOW.
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