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Yay things!

Yay! There's gonna be a DVD!

Got this Myspace bulletin the other day:

Did you miss out on tickets to DISPATCH: ZIMBABWE? Were you at Madison Square Garden, but now you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms? Has the MySpace LIVE video stream wetted your appetite for something you can hold on to and enjoy again and again?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we’re happy to announce we have the remedy for what ails you!

DISPATCH has joined forces with Danny Clinch, the visionary filmmaker behind such works as “Ben Harper: Pleasure & Pain,” “Ani DiFranco: Trust,” and “Guster on Ice: Live from Portland,” to capture all 3 nights of DISPATCH: ZIMBABWE for a forthcoming DVD release!!

Click Here to sign up for the DISPATCH: ZIMBABWE DVD Email List so we can keep you up to speed regarding exclusive sneak peaks, pre-ordering, and more!!

We’re going to need an army of MySpace Reps to help promote the DVD. Want to get involved? Send an email to myspace@dispatchmusic.com and we’ll send over you details on your first project!

Stay Tuned,


Wahey! Now us poor sods who couldn't go will at least experience it a little. I did watch the Myspace stream, but it the quality was crap and it just ain't the same.

By the way... we've had no one talking about how their own experiences of the concerts! Post people! We want stories and pictures so that we can steal them and pass them off as our own!


Ana xxx
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